Unquenchable flames of Nature

In the midst of the golden haze An awakening gushing breeze The swaying Winter aconites by the window sill Beaming and blazing Lost fall Dandelions rush in The Begonias snatch away our eye casts Glaring and Crimson The woods lit on fierce fire Flames falling to the ground The charming chirping chittering from its foliage […]

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The Mother sings a lullaby Lay the child, its ears were closed ‘I wish I could sing you to sleep’ The angel rests on the Mother’s bosom He sees, but hears not What mamma’s thin pale lips are quoting Tears stroll down her face Oh! Only if the baby knew The tears – being true […]


The Greed

As human beings, as mortal, moral creatures, each one of us have aspirations and desires. It could be either like the poor boy’s dream to marry the rich beauty, or the old man’s wish to grow younger, both of which, at a glance seems impossible. (Mainly the latter, until some Evelingerine Marquetz comes up with […]

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Little Things That Matter

People say a small incident is enough to give you a fresh perspective. I, for one, believe it’s true. As me and my father rode the bike during a June evening, we noticed nature giving her first warning call. The sky turned a dark shade of black. Children stopped playing, listening to the warning calls […]

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Nature’s Pearlette

Hearing the swashing and splashing sounds, I rush out, to be greeted by the pearl drops falling gently on my face, my palms, my head… My whole body can feel it, the chill caused by the ice cold water beads and the darkness gathered above. I rush to the balcony where the tender wind makes […]

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